Central Texas Fire Investigators' Association
Central Texas Fire Investigators' Association

Our Mission and Objectives

The goal of the association is to provide a means of coordinating information on techniques and methods to improve the investigative process.  The association also hopes to raise the awareness of the public through education programs addressing the impact of fire and arson on society.



The CTFIA has these five objectives as stated in our bylaws:

  1. To unite for mutual benefit and common interest all people engaged in the investigation of fire.
  2. To provide for the exchange of technical information and new developments in the field of fire investigation.
  3. To promote high standards of professional conduct among fire investigators.
  4. To strive for greater professional competence in the techniques used by fire investigators.
  5. To encourage cooperation between all agencies, public and private, in the battle against arson.

    The membership shall be maintained as to the bylaws of the organization.


  • I will, as an arson investigator, regard myself as a member of an important
    and honorable profession.
  • I will conduct both my personal and official life so as to inspire the confidence
    of the public.
  • I will not use my profession and my position of trust for personal advantage
    and profit.
  • I will regard it my duty to know my work thoroughly.
  • It is my further duty to avail myself of every opportunity to learn more about
    my profession.
  • I will avoid alliances with those whose goals are inconsistent with an honest
    and unbiased investigation.
  • I will make no claim to professional qualifications, which I do not possess.
  • I will share all publicity equally with my fellow investigators, whether such publicity is favorable or unfavorable.
  • I will be loyal to my superiors, to my subordinates, and to the organization
    I represent.
  • I will bear in mind always that I am a truth-seeker not a case maker; that it is more important to protect the innocent than to convict the guilty.

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Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, July 26th, 2019


Mamacita's Restaurant

(San Marcos, TX)

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